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Inet Techsoft was laid with the purpose of providing back office and website maintenance services to an established business so that it can focus more on it's core processes as well as save administration & management costs of doing these in-house.

Within no time, expertise & skills of the core team enabled Inet Techsoft to have self-driven processes to accomplish these tasks. Then came the stage of shifting gear and taking Inet Techsoft to the next level. As a step forward towards expansion, Inet Techsoft started offering web based Application/software development solutions and back office services to the Global Market.

Today Inet Techsoft is offering a wide range of services, which any business would need to run & administrator it's processes on the World Wide Web. The chart below list services Inet TechSoft offers under Technology Solutions and Administration Services: -

Services section of our website provides more detail about our Technology Solutions and you may know more about our Administration Services on its dedicated website.


At Inet Techsoft, we are on a mission to help business people from all the walks of life flourish by leaps and bounds in their respective domains. During our short span, ever since our inception, we have enabled our numerous local and international clients to attain the so far unconquered heights in their businesses.


Not with standing the towering achievements that we have already accomplished, we are yet to gain much more in the better future, for us, sky is the limit. It is this craved appetite that keeps on igniting the passionate flame of unparalleled finesse among our confident professionals and inspires us to move on persistently.


Providing a strong and proven solution is a process that only time and skill can garner. With time, we have learned the right steps to be taken and our skills get bigger with each project, we undertake. We have been enjoying a long-term work relationship with each client by offering a cost effective and creative solution that has a strong foundation of maintenance and support.

  • Experience:-Inet Techsoft has been offering our web development solutions to numerous clients for years. We are not new in this industry or the competition. Our years of serving the services have been a learning experience and each time, we strive to deliver the best.
  • Quality:-Quality is something that we do not compromise for anything. With a dedicated team of web developers and designers, we ensure each of our clients gets a first rated service and results.
  • Time and cost effective:-Time is valuable for our client and for us. We understand how every fraction of the second counts for our client, and so we try to complete the project before the deadline. We have an excellent record of accomplishment of on-time project delivery. As time is valuable, cost is more. We offer an affordable service that our clients can take advantage of.
  • Reliability and expertise:-Our expertise in the industry is the core foundation of our web design and development solutions. We provide a well-defined process that is device only for the web. What we have is a one-stop shop solution meeting their every requirement.
  • Customer Service:-Lastly, our excellent customer centric services are a number one reason that our old clients are still with us, and we are gaining new trusts as well. We look forward to serve you. Only you have to trust us.





Inet Techsoft
Inet Techsoft

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Inet Techsoft

Very Good Services, was always accessible and online, they one expert and know what they one doing will do future job as well them....!!!

-Ankur Gupta (Emerge Realtors Pvt. Ltd)


Great Web Development Company. Amazing Communication and personal attention. 100% human Approch and Seneitivity to our project.

-Yogesh(Shiv Infracon Pvt. Ltd)

Inet Techsoft

Excellent work. Produced more robust system than i was expecting....!!!

-Anil Rathore(JSS Education)